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You may think it’s okay to rely on a guy with a bucket and a brush to handle your restaurant kitchen cleaning, but you may want to give it a bit more thought! Commercial kitchen hood cleaning and restaurant exhaust cleaning is critical to your efficiency, safety, and the protection of your biggest asset – your reputation!

Efficiency: For any restaurant, efficiency can mean the difference between survival and success. When it comes to restaurant kitchen cleaning, efficiency includes a number of areas:

Commercial kitchen exhaust fans, ducts and hoods return a better performance when not covered in grease, dust or – heaven forbid – mold and mildew.
Not only do they run better, but they are quieter and odor-free!
A smoother performance = energy savings
Keeping your kitchen clean – highly important. Keeping your kitchen crew cool, clean, comfortable and efficient? Priceless!
Restaurant Safety: Fire and safety code compliance is mandatory for commercial kitchens of every size and type.   Fire prevention is, of course, critical in the restaurant industry to protect your employees and customers from fire and grease-related injuries.
Commercial hood cleaning is best performed every 3-6 months.
A reputable kitchen cleaning company will check for all of the possible hazards in your commercial kitchen: loose or worn belts, worn or unsafe electrical connections, etc.
Knowing what your building codes require and meeting those codes will help to ensure your restaurant kitchen is safe and up to code.
Reputation: Much is said about reputation management in this age of online reviews, social media chatting and instant access to local and regional dining reviews. Just as hotels dread the appearance of even a single bad review – whether or not it’s justified – restaurant owners can take care to protect their reputation with their clientele.

Remove all visible (and non-visible) traces of grease and dirt on your hood and exhaust systems.
Deep clean the entire kitchen and dining areas including other kitchen equipment, ceiling, walls, and floors.
A high-end commercial kitchen cleaning company will usually work around your schedule – working at night or whenever your business has scheduled downtime. Your chef, crew and wait-staff will return to a sparkling clean kitchen ready to roll.
What’s the Real Cost? For commercial kitchen hood or exhaust cleaning, a professional cleaning company is an investment in efficiency, safety and reputation for the long term. Providing your restaurant or commercial kitchen with regular, professional cleaning and maintenance is one of the best ways to give your keep your customers coming back, and your staff happy!

This is one area where research and a careful choice of professionals is important – learn more about restaurant kitchen cleaning companies – they’re definitely not all alike!

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Hinges & your restaurant

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First off its code! NFPA 96/ reads in part –  A hinged up-blast fan supplied with flexible weatherproof electrical cable and service hold-open retainer to permit inspection and cleaning that is listed for commercial cooking equipment with the following … Continue reading

Insurance company serious in the kitchen.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — WEB EXCLUSIVE — An insurance company has filed a lawsuit against two local businesses, alleging that negligence caused a restaurant fire two years ago.National Fire Insurance is suing Reliable Fire Protection of Tinton Falls, New Jersey, and McCleaners Restaurant Services in Wind Gap, Northampton County, in Northampton County Court.The insurance company claims the fire that temporarily closed the Bethlehem Brew Works in in Bethlehem in December 2008 could have been prevented by better fire evaluations and system cleanings.The insurance company said that, although Reliable Fire Protection did its annual evaluation in February 2008 and that McCleaners cleaned the restaurant’s kitchen ventilation system several times in 2008, there was still some degree of negligence that caused the fire and the temporary closing of the restaurant. McCleaners Restaurant Services told 69 News it does not wish to comment on the suit. Reliable Fire Protection has not yet returned our call.The insurance company is suing for $123,000, the amount reported to be lost due to the closing and rebuilding of the restaurant.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning (often called “hood cleaning”) is simply removing grease that in restaurant’s kitchen exhaust systems.  If neglected or the service isn’t performed properly the consequences may be fatal.

Hoods & More goal is to be the best at an often misunderstood service.

Foam in Action

Hood Cleaning in Gilbert AZ

Let us handle the “dirty work” that keeps your kitchen exhaust system running safely and efficiently.
Additionally, our services will satisfy insurance company requirements for required periodic cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system & ventilation hoods.

Hood cleaning has become mandatory for commercial kitchens it can provide you a safe, healthy and much more comfortable environment for the BOH. The cleaning of exhaust system is imperative task because it can protect your kitchen from fire break-outs and also allows optimum airflow and ventilation.

So it is essential for commercial kitchens clean their hood system on the regular basis.
When hood cleaning is done properly it should appear as this.

Nice work!

Gilbert Pizzeria

The quickest way to stop a costly restaurant kitchen fire is to get your hoods properly cleaned. Most common and most preventable issue: hood plenums and ducts filled with grease. Restaurants should have their hoods, ducts and fans cleaned on a regular basis by a professional exhaust cleaning company such as Hoods & More.