Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning (often called “hood cleaning”) is simply removing grease that in restaurant’s kitchen exhaust systems.  If neglected or the service isn’t performed properly the consequences may be fatal.

Hoods & More goal is to be the best at an often misunderstood service.

Foam in Action

Hood Cleaning in Gilbert AZ

Let us handle the “dirty work” that keeps your kitchen exhaust system running safely and efficiently.
Additionally, our services will satisfy insurance company requirements for required periodic cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system & ventilation hoods.

Hood cleaning has become mandatory for commercial kitchens it can provide you a safe, healthy and much more comfortable environment for the BOH. The cleaning of exhaust system is imperative task because it can protect your kitchen from fire break-outs and also allows optimum airflow and ventilation.

So it is essential for commercial kitchens clean their hood system on the regular basis.
When hood cleaning is done properly it should appear as this.

Nice work!

Gilbert Pizzeria

The quickest way to stop a costly restaurant kitchen fire is to get your hoods properly cleaned. Most common and most preventable issue: hood plenums and ducts filled with grease. Restaurants should have their hoods, ducts and fans cleaned on a regular basis by a professional exhaust cleaning company such as Hoods & More.


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  1. Hoods & More, Arizona’s premier hood and exhaust venting cleaning specialists.

    We refer all of our restaurant customers to Hoods & More, and are proud to do so.

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